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OM on TV

This March, a student from the University of Oregon Journalism School popped by to do a media project on us. Her video was accepted for broadcast by our local TV news station KVAL. The student is originally from France where they have enjoyed the benefits of universal healthcare for years. The amount of neglect that Americans suffer do to economic disparity fostered by our current healthcare system shocked her. It made the work that we do every week at Occupy Medical even more amazing to her. This was the inspiration for her story.


OM Goes to the Healthcare as a Human Right Rally in Salem, Oregon

“There’s a war on the poor and we’re the MASH Unit of the war on the poor. The insurance companies have deserted our patients and we are patching people up as best we can until we get single payer healthcare for all Oregonians. We need you to support healthcare for all. We want you to put us out of business,” – Sue Sierralupe, Occupy Medical (OM) Clinic Manager

Oregonians Speak Out – Charlotte’s Story

Here is a personal testimony from one of our faithful donors.
“My employer switched to United Healthcare a few years ago. Fortunately, I haven’t had a major medical issue since then. I actually get a little anxious sometimes wondering what would happen if I did. Three years ago, after I had a seizure, I missed a lot of work over the year from medication changes/withdrawals and lost $10k in income that year, I almost lost my house! The #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in this country is medical costs!!! We are the only developed nation in the world without a universal health care system and we rank 37th in overall quality. Our infant mortality rate is higher some of the Scandinavian countries. This is ridiculous! SINGLE PAYER NOW!”
When I asked Charlotte if we could reprint her story onto our website, she agreed wholeheartedly. She understands that these stories need to come out into the open so that we can resolve our healthcare crisis. Charlotte continued in her typically eloquent way:
“It’s IMMORAL that 93% of the wealth creation in this country that’s occurred since 2008 has gone to line the pockets of the 1%. Economies don’t do well when there is such an extreme disparity of wealth. Personally, I am now required to work MORE for the same amount of money, which is outrageous.”
Thank you for sharing your story, Charlotte. Together, we can win this!
*If you want to share your experience with the degraded state of health insurance with our community, please reply to this post. Remember to keep your story simple and short. Also be sure to include your permission for us print it on this website. Let us know if you want your name attached to the post and how to reach you if we have a question before we print it. Remember that this is intended to support the cause of single payer healthcare for Oregon. This is voluntary. No payment will be given for posts.