McKenzie Mist to the Rescue

McKenzie Mist understands that water is medicine

McKenzie Mist understands that water is medicine

Water is an invaluable commodity at Occupy Medical. Although there is a drinking fountain at the park that we have our clinic, getting ready access for wound treatment is a constant struggle. Our clinic, like other medical facilities, needs a steady stream of clean, abundant water. We have dehydrated patients that require water for drinking. We need to clean instruments and soak patients feet and hands. We have to apply moistened pads to swollen tissue. The list is endless.

The local cafes have generously provided hot water for emergency wound care but this means sending a nurse across the park with a thermos to fill. In an emergency, time is of the essence. This is why one of our volunteers, Patti Leahy, approached our local Artesian water supplier for help. This company has been a trusted source of pure H2O in BPA free bottles for decades.

As usual, McKenzie Mist saw the need and filled it. They have donated 3 -3 gallon jugs of their finest water (plus a pump) to refilled by their company as often as we need it.

We at Occupy Medical thank you. You stepped in when we needed it most.


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