Some statistics about Occupy Medical

These were compiled by our statistician, Brooke. They are rough and will get better as more data is entered:

Between 10/21/12 and 2/3/13 we had 297 individual patient visits. 

  • We had 15 clinics during that time.
  • We saw on average of 20 people during that time
  • The youngest person we saw during that time was 13
  • The oldest person we saw was 80
  • The average age was 43
  • 50% of our patients were 46 and older
  • 50% of our patients were under the age of 46
  • 48% had been to the clinic before
  • 52% had not been to the clinic before

Between 2-13-12 and 2-10-13, across 21 different clinics we filled, and obtained payment for, 226 prescriptions. 

  • That means we average filling, and getting paid for, 10 prescriptions per clinic time.

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