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OM Meeting Minutes 9/4/13

OM meeting 9/4/13
Attendees – Donna R., Bruce, Debra, Travis, Ali, Bill, Karen A., Sue, Martin, Ben, T, Mary, Leigh, Tuck, Sophia, Terra
Agenda -
Minutes Approval – Last meetings minutes were approved consensus
Card for Evergreen – Yes, let’s get that card for them because they are great
Doctor schedule – Leigh has implemented a back up doc position. They are offering a back up in case one doctor can’t make it to their shift. Bruce came in to serve an hour to support the existing scheduled doctors.
Hospitality – We are switching the hospitality and wound care areas as an experiment this Sunday. Action pending approval from nursing station volunteers.
Peacekeeping – Martin is standing in for Jason as the lead peacekeeping position. Terra is assisting with the volunteer coordinator position. Dr. White is our safe word. Our best wishes go to Jason and his growing family.
Business cards – Dr. Leigh will design the next business card for group approval
Peace thing – Thursday Cosmic pizza Peace event we are invited
Health Mart sale – For first time customers get their prescription free (according to rumor)
Nurses – We need more nurses. Karen will send out a plea and a schedule for nurses to fill in.
Bus driver – Truman will drive the bus to and fro this Sunday
Progressive Disciplinary policy – Ali put together a proposal for a progressive disciplinary policy to read and review. Ali will put it on the listserve for all to review.
Haircut Appointments – Ben needs help with the haircutting appointments. He needs peacekeeping and mental health to keep the gorilla salon clear. Martin suggested that having a helper keep an eye on the schedule would be very helpful.
Herb Circle – New time is the last Thursday of the month from 6-9 at Sol Botanicals. We need a sky hook to use. Bill and Ali have bamboo to make us one.
Spanish HIPAA form – We have a version for copying. Leigh brought up the fact that we will need to revise our HIPAA forms by the end of September. Sam has offered to provide a Spanish form of our trifold.
Capping Medical Patients – Leigh suggests that we are running out of room and we need shelter for the docs. Leigh suggests that we limit our patient load to 40 with 2 prescribers. Donna offered to take a look at the number of charts that are signed by prescribers.
Everyone Poops Patches – $3, Terra has them.
SEIU picnic reminder – September 14 12-5
New WB directory is here thanks to Bill
Chuck Gerad from White Bird will attend our next meeting to discuss how they do board meetings with a consensus group
Parking lot (items to address later) – pending website address for business cards, progressive disciplinary policy, capping patient amount, board member group rules