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The Clinic Gets a Little Sunshine

Last Sunday, March 24th, Joe and Patti popped by to drop off more donations and take a few pictures of Occupy Medical in action. We were enjoying one of the first sunny, warm days that OM has seen for several months.

Sue sports both the classic Occupy bandana and our new staff shirts. We gone Hawaiian!

Sue sports both the classic Occupy bandana and our new staff shirts. We gone Hawaiian!

The herbalists confer about our newest donations.

The herbalists confer about our newest donations.

OM recycles tincture bottles for the cause!

OM recycles tincture bottles for the cause!

Keeping a weather eye on the clinic. Thanks Martin!

Keeping a weather eye on the clinic. Thanks Martin!

There is always something going on at Occupy Medical.

There is always something going on at Occupy Medical.

Big smiles in the sunshine from Patti and Brooke.

Big smiles in the sunshine from Patti and Brooke.

Meeting Notes, 3-27

Being asked to do things beyond our scope of practice
-Each team will handle things around scope of practice

Systems report:
Brooke reported back and there is a triage -> doctor choke point.

Maybe the Mission can treat lice.
Maybe the medication is over the counter.
People who say they have lice should not be on the bus.

Patients do not hold their own chart.
We need runners to get people to help with various things, including getting people for the different stations (doctor, triage, etc..).

Volunteer application has been put together.
There are some changes that Brooke will make to the form.

Martin rocks! We LOVE Martin!!!

Policies need to be made about treatment of animals and children.
Mental health team should feel free to intervene when this mistreatment is happening.
We need to learn about how to handle these situations: Agenda for retreat?
We need to remember we are mandatory reporters. Can we get mandatory reporting training?
On Sunday reports of child abuse go to 911.

Last weeks clinic:
We saw 28 people.
We would like to have people not playing and smoking right outside the bus.
We are seeing who have dealt with police brutality.
What about contacting lawyers in town that would be willing to help our patients.

Donna has applications for people to get $500/year dental care, but they have to have a lot of qualifications which our people probably won’t meet. Donna will keep the applications on time.
-Cindy has some dental resources.

OHP is opening slots and section 8 is opening slots.

Jerry will follow up with Lena about Dental

Dalai Lama:
Do we want to take the bus?
We should have a table. We need some kind of presence.
We’ll look into tabling.

501(c)3 is almost done! Whoo whoo!!!

Larissa and Cindy got twinkle fingered into the group.

Do Karen and Martin want to work on this? Yes – Karen does! So does Martin!
Karen is taking an inventory of what we need and keeping an eye on it.
Karen and Martin are going to help people with boundary issues.
Do we need plastic shelving?
Water: we do have some in the back of the bus. It is being given out at a little of a time.
Patients need vitamin A.

Second tent:
Jerry and Elliot went to Costco to get a tent donation.
They have not gotten back to us. What about BiMart?
Should we park in BiMart on Sunday?

The brochure needs to be updated, Leigh will do that.
We need a printer.
Jerry will call a potential printer.
Can we get them to translate them into spanish.

We need to document the number of volunteer hours that we are putting in. Brooke will make a form for us to document.

Leigh will put together a protocol for when labs are needed by the doctors.
When a patient needs labs: a doctor will fill out a triplicate form that the patient needs labs, etc..
then lab sends the results to the doctor.
Eugene urgent care.
Sarah M is going to look into matching funds from Legacy Labs. Hopefully we’ll have money for labs.
Patients need to be somewhat reliable in order to run labs. How to determine that? Cindy can help follow up too.

We have 2 new pastors.
Pastor Tom has helped out.
Can the pastors come in civvy clothing? Brent and Tom.
Vistors will be asked to wear visitor tags at our discretion: name tags with occupy medical visitor.

Discussion ensues about helping Cindy’s patient with the wound care situation.
Susan is going to explore the potentials of a wound vac. is a website resource.

In April the Oregon Medical Association is having their statewide meeting and the focus is on poverty.
Road trip to PDX April 19.
April Road trip: recruiting at medical schools.

Permission for capsule purchase.
Sue has a bunch of groovy herbs she needs to put in capsules. We’re going to buy capsules.

We need a different person to take notes and to facilitate.
To set agenda: pass around agenda on a piece of paper.

April 7:
The day we have people coming. They are bringing lunch, and money for prescriptions. 11:30 – 12, and then 12-2.

OM Meeting notes – 3/20/13

OM meeting attendees: Donna R., Allison, Sue, Carol, Larissa, Carol, Jerry, Andrea, Eliot, Brooke, Benjamin, Donna G.
Last Sundays Clinic:
Good food, 32 patients, 2 doctors at one time made it easier to serve more patients, prescription service will be easier with Cindy’s connection for free bus passes, urine strips for blood glucose levels,
Conference update – Conference went well, we had many things to brag about, Occupy Newport and another group definitely want to start their own clinic
Palm Springs – National Mobile Clinic organization has been in contact with Jerry about speaking at their convention. We consensed about communicating with them.
2nd tent – Buy a new tent or a used tent. Ask Costco for a donated tent.
Vetting volunteers – process for vetting volunteers, volunteer application – Allison and Brooke will work on this, references and ID.
Patient H.update – The tamale fundraiser was successful in helping him get money for the lawyer to work out his immigration status. He had his backpack stolen this week so he lost his medical supplies.
New cards – We agreed to get another set of cards and it will be paid for by OM funds
Cottage Grove Health Fair – sue will send information about this event to the list.
White Bird wish list -
blood glucose strips
triple antibiotic cream
alcohol wipes

Some statistics about Occupy Medical

These were compiled by our statistician, Brooke. They are rough and will get better as more data is entered:

Between 10/21/12 and 2/3/13 we had 297 individual patient visits. 

  • We had 15 clinics during that time.
  • We saw on average of 20 people during that time
  • The youngest person we saw during that time was 13
  • The oldest person we saw was 80
  • The average age was 43
  • 50% of our patients were 46 and older
  • 50% of our patients were under the age of 46
  • 48% had been to the clinic before
  • 52% had not been to the clinic before

Between 2-13-12 and 2-10-13, across 21 different clinics we filled, and obtained payment for, 226 prescriptions. 

  • That means we average filling, and getting paid for, 10 prescriptions per clinic time.

Fundraiser for a friend of Occupy Medical

Tamales Charity for Heber’s Fundraiser

Heber is a real victim of attempted murder in Springfield, OR, in 2008. This left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was never able to get medical insurance or disability, and he is unable to get the care he desperately needs. Before he was unjustly shot by trespassers in his own apartment, he was a hard worker, living with the dignity he is trying to regain. Racquel Hecht, Attorney at Law, has agreed to take on Heber’s case. All donations will go to helping Heber pay his legal attorney’s fees.

100% of ALL proceeds goes to the helping Heber

Checks, cash and other donations accepted at time of your order, at time of pick-up, or you can deposit on Heber’s Fundraiser account number: 2140636578 at any Wells Fargo bank.


By helping Heber you are acting in Social Justice for something that could have happen to any one of us. Thank you.

 When: Saturday, March 16th from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: St Alice Parish 1520 F Street Springfield, OR 97477

Please order ahead of time by calling: (541) 915-8085   or   (541) 973-5793

 Value: Dozen of delicious tamales $15.00

Any other donation also accepted.

Meeting notes 2-27-13

Occupy Medical Meeting
Attending: Andrea, Jerry, Elliot, Sue, Benjamin, Arlene (New! Yeah!), Donna R., Brooke, T, Leigh, Donna G.

• Trauma Healing Project: for acupuncture. It is free, it can be free.
• Patient(s) in the tent with electronics: They need to sit some place else besides by the coffee pot. Elliot will bring an extension cord. We may need to set up a separate electronics.
• Jennifer F-K and Scotty Perey are trying to get us a separate tent for a quiet waiting spot which can be used by mental health for peaceful retreats. The tent needs walls.

Old business:
• Resource nurse?: we weren’t able to do this because we were short staffed. We will try again next week.
• Karen: Looking into putting Friday clinic at Springfield. Donna has given Karen the application and guidelines. Difficulty: finding space for the bus that has electrical hook ups. We will need some one to reserve us 2 parking spots.
• Triage team: Did they get together? Not yet.
• Jerry: next dental clinic? Lina is possibly organizing this in conjunction with her organization OCA.
• Incident form? done! Looks great. Might need a place for follow up actions.
• Benjamin got reimbursed!
• Policies and procedures will be on the website.
• Doctors that have been recruited: Dr. Mark? Dr. Mark? There are 2! One of them wants to work with the Friday clinic. Peter is Dr. Mark’s entry. Matthew McClain: Pac
• Recruiting: Jerry is going to go around to schools to recruit medical people.

Mental Health Team: met right before clinic.
• Becca is the point person for Mental Health
• The primary purpose is to make things easier for people on the bus
• No one will be there as a “Mental Health person” to offer professional counseling.
• Becca and Benjamin will give training on rephrasing.
• More information on scheduled drugs and those that aren’t prescribed to be put up around the clinic.
• Will they put together information on when to call Cahoots / the police?
• Sue: Safety of the clinic, volunteers and other patients is more important than the immediate concerns of a single patient. in other words, we can not allow a disruptive patient to endanger others.
• Sue’s policy about being seen on the bus:

  • If the patient is a danger to volunteers or patients, they can’t be seen on the bus. (example: physically or sexually threatening)
  • If a patient escalates in enclosed situations then they are seen off the bus.
  • Patients that have highly communicable diseases they need to be seen off the bus. This is always a danger but some patients come with a diagnosis ahead of time. (ie. TB)

• At intake: If you see a pink clipboard, that patient should be seen off the bus.
• We have a safe word now: if you hear the phrase you are to drop everything and go assist. Ask what it is.
• People seen off the bus: they should be seen with more than one person.
• The mental health team will accompany someone who could be a problem on to the bus.
• Leigh has created a triage form for mental health.

We reviewed our drug schedule policy and decided to keep it as is.

Labs: we have funding for labs and are looking for funding for labs.
One complication: do we draw blood on the lab or do we send them?
We do have a number of people who can draw blood.

Incident reports
• Discussion about what the purpose of the form is, and how to format it.
• Do we need to figure out protocols for dealing with some incidents?

  • We do have some protocols in place for some of them. They are on the bus. Ask someone on the medical team.

System flow data was briefly reviewed. Brooke, with Elliot’s input, will continue data collection the next two Sundays. Looking for clocks or watches to make the time checking easier. Brooke thanks everyone for being so helpful with this!

Send Mayor Piercy and the the City Council an email to thank them for the port-a-potty ( We do not pay anything for this.

FYI: Our safety net clinics are gone, thus Occupy Medical is increasing in numbers.Whitebird, Charnelton Clinic, Riverstone (County Clinic) are closed to new patients or have a 3 month waiting list. That is one of the reasons why our numbers have gone up.