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Meeting minutes, 11/28/12

Present: Susan, Lina, Karen, Sue, Deb, Jerry, Andrea, Patricia, Becca, James, David, Leigh
I asked everybody what they wanted to be when they grew up. Two said, “Retired.” Others said:
Gainfully employed
Fabulously wealthy
Large breasted
Tarot artist
and Undecided.
While we were meeting, an archtect eating supper nearby overheard our conversation and offered the use of a portable 16×20-ft yurt.
We went around the circle adding agenda items, so these are presented below in the order they were mentioned, not prioritized.

1. Safety: reviewed two safety/policy documents by Leigh and Lina. Lina will integrate these into one document for consideration by the group.
We need gloves.

2. Events:
Tues 12/11/12, 7-9 pm, rally for Health Care Is a Human Right, Free Speech Plaza downtown. Sue will speak.
Sat 12/22/12, Occupy fundraiser, Cozmic Pizza downtown. Deb will speak.

3. PR: Consensed on graphics for the bus.

4. Parking and driving: Sue met with Terry, St Vincent De Paul (SVDP) last Monday. They are interested in hosting a wound care clinic and offer electricity and parking in several locations. We consensed on starting this and Karen is spearheading it. Several locations were discussed, all secure SVDP sites. Stay tuned.

SVDP offered to park the bus at a) the Service Station on Hwy 99, b) the Car Lot on 99, or c) the Chad Drive location. We discussed Chad Drive as it would be a convenient place for Karen to hold the Wound Clinic. Problem: distant for travelers. Karen to decide.

Jerry asks for alternate drivers. He will continue to pursue this.

(The Monaco Coach RV plant closed and SVDP apparently now manages the property, which is securely maintained and contains a health clinic. We could also work there if desired or necessary. This was tabled for future consideration.)

5. Shots: Two weeks ago, the Public Health Dept (PHD) offered free adult pertussis shots for us to administer. We would like to prevent an epidemic which could be life-threatening to people living outdoors in cold weather. Sue will continue to work with PHD on this.

6. Patient flow: Treatment (Station 4) has been too crowded, and keeping track of patient charts has been challenging. We discussed moving Intake (Station 1) into the big tent, and consensed to trial this Sunday. This would enable Treatment workers to deliver charts directly back to Intake (where they are securely stored) and would make more room and privacy for Triage (Station 2).

We are going to need space on the bus for counseling and social work. The back rooms are too small. We discussed removing the dividing wall and making them into a single room. If we needed lab space (e.g. for blood draws), this might be handled by Nursing.

7. Expenses: Suggested a field trip to see modifications suggested by Engineer Joe. Consensed to reimburse Joe for generator use.
Reviewed expense spreadsheet: $11,570 paid to date with consensus to remiburse Jerry for this. Problem: only have 4 starter checks, and require multiple signatures (signers: Sue, Jerry, David).
Sue will be meeting with Majeska Monday 1:30 pm and will order checks at that time, and find out if checks to Jerry should be itemized (e.g. one check for bus purchase, one check for gasoline, etc.).

8. Meeting place: We had trouble hearing each other on Zydeco Night. Suggested arriving early and moving the tables closer together rather than in a long row.

9. Hot water on the bus, esp for wound care: Discussed microwave vs teakettle vs coffeemaker. Leigh will figure out what’s cheapest and get one new or used. Hoped-for price: $10.

10. Insurance: We are fully insured and have added a rider that allows us to use the City electricity. Volunteers are covered for “slip and fall” type accidents.

14. Dental: Next dental clinic Sat 1/12/13, will include fillings as well as extractions. Sign-up forms will be at Intake. Historically although slots have been very limited, there have been a fair number of no-shows.

Minutes, Occupy Medical, 11/14/12

Apologies for not posting sooner! These are the minutes from our Wednesday night meeting 11/14/12. In attendance are Becca, Ben, Bill, Deb, James, Jerry, Karen, Leigh, Majeska, Sue, Susan, and I apologize if anyone else was there whose name I forgot to write down.

1. Grand Opening with clinic tours 2-5 at the park blocks (8th and Oak, Eugene), 11/17/12. Kiva is donating food. Invitations are distributed. We will doublecheck on parking.

2. Introducing Becca Perry, roving therapist. Her Orientation is via Sue.

3. Media: Trifold brochure is in process. Corrections were recommended. Leigh will distribute for approval via email and will share at meetings for those who don’t have email.
The Occupy Eugene newsletter does not have correct information about our clinic. Sue will contact Vickie to correct this.
We have received an offer of donated quarter-page and half-page flyers, which were reviewed and approved. We might place an ad in the Vagabond paper as well as the Eugene Weekly, for volunteers.

4. Title transfer: The title to the bus needs to be signed over to Occupy Medical from Jerry.

5. Parking: We are finalizing a secure parking space for the Bus, most likely at the SVDP Service Center on Hwy 99; Sue is meeting with Terry from SVDP on Monday afternoon about this.

6. Hygeine and Safety Protocols: Lina and Deb are finalizing written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Leigh will help write this. Currently, each Station is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing its work area before shift. We will do deep cleaning at scheduled intervals.

7. Powering the bus: Occupy Engineer Joe Tindall will diagnose the safety of our “shore power” with Jerry, Bill, and James. This team is investigating the best way to obtain quiet power for the bus. The City requires a very expensive rock-concert-level insurance (the type that insures a for-profit enterprise against mass casualties) in order for us to run an extension cord to the Park Blocks outlet. We can’t afford this.

8. Painting: We consensed on singage for the Bus exterior, to include our logo. Graham is overseeing the artwork and painting.

9. Nurses: Recruitment efforts were made by Bill at the SNA (Student Nurses Association) fundraiser. Prospective nurse volunteers will liaise with Karen, who leads the Nurses Station.

10. Tent: We continue to need the big tent for the Gorilla Salon, as well as dry waiting space for patients. The tent must be spread/hung to dry after use. Deb volunteered her garage space, and James has been using his garage space. We will continue to seek folks with garage space who can help us preserve our tent.

11. We discussed a recent news article (11/13/12) regarding an incident on 4/25/12 in which some of our patients were assaulted by police, after which one officer resigned (4/30/12). Medical injuries were sustained, but the Occupiers pled guilty. Video of the incident is to be released. We will continue following these events as they unfold.

12. No meeting on 11/21/12, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Next meeting Wednesday, Nov. 28th at 7 pm.

Posted by Leigh

We got the check!

After 7 months of hard work and anxious pacing, the Occupy Medical team finally got their final grant check to pay for our wonderful mobile clinic! It seems that our community is interested in supporting healthcare as a human right after all. People need to help people. It’s how just we operate.
I want to thank Oregon Community Foundation for providing not 1 but 2 grants for our cause.
I want to thank CALC for letting us pick their brains while we finalize our 501c3 status.
I want to thank Occupy Eugene for bringing my team of superheroes together in the first place.
I want to thank our community for offering donations and support and allowing us to serve them.
I especially want to thank my fabulous volunteers for giving up their time and resources to make this, our first giant step, happen.
My heart is full. I love you all.