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OM Meeting – 7/24/13

Attendees: Ben, Debra, Pam, Cathy, Dr. Bruce, Sue, Bill, Jason
Weekly herb meeting: Wednesday 2pm, Warehouse is secure, consensus on not paying for keys after all since there is a smaller limit to the amount of people that have copies to the keys than we thought.
Amazon wish list – Kitte put together an Amazon Wish List for OM to survey. It makes it easier for donors to get us items that our teams need to serve our population. The list, so far is based on needs from station request lists. We agreed to review the Amazon Wish List to see how this fits our needs before adding it to our website.
*** OM volunteers: Please go to Amazon Wish Lists and check out Occupy Medical. If there are items that should be added or subtracted from the station that you represent, please send an email to Sue so she can alter it.
Patient H update: August 7th surgery has been tentatively scheduled at OHSU
Hempfest update – CAHOOTS brought us a patient instead of bringing him to the hospital. Shelter Care also sent out a patient to be treated at OM. Thank you card to Susan and husband for water and electricity.
Bus – Susan is on board for driving the bus both ways.
Doctor schedule – Rose Barrington-Schultz NP is a possible new volunteer. We need to recruit more doctors. Some of the doctors have only show up once a month or once a season. Bill volunteered to advertise on Craigs List for Qualified Healthcare Professionals. OM consened on supporting this action.
Occupier article – The Occupier had a number of articles supporting OM. We are particularly pleased to see the feature article on Bruce and Debra. Beautifully written.
vaccine clinic – August 4th Tdap clinic with Lane County Public Health 1-3pm. Publicity help is needed for this event. Let people know that this is the last Tdap to be paid for with the grant.
Cottage Grove – Debra and Sue met with Tom and Valeria from South Lane Mental Health. Invite the folks from SLMH and Community Sharing Program to attend these upcoming clinics. This is a trial run. Publicity could include tv and radio. August 25 is day of the event. Sunday works best because we would have more volunteers, more patients, more observers and more need. OM voted in consensus to have this event on Sunday, August 25th 12-4pm.

OM Meeting – 7/17/13

Attendees – Susan, Mani, Tom, Donna R, Donna G, Karen, Arline, Sue, Dr. Bruce, Debra
Hempfest logistics – We need to make an announcement on the Eugene Weekly website that we have a new location. We need to notify the City Streets people of our new location.
Foot Care – We would like to have students help in foot care. This is a place that is very popular.
Heber –
2 missing charts – There are 2 more charts on the bus.
White Bird Dental referrals – We had a patient referred from WBD who needed a controlled substance
Herb meeting – Herb team will be transferring
Lab needs – Lab referrals need Dr. name, NPIs, contact info and lab requests
Cooler for wound care – Bandanas, Sue will bring rolling cooler to ALN, Susan will bring ice bags
Bus driver- next week is Dr. Bruce. Susan volunteered to drive both ways the following Sunday.
SASS – Debra will start her training tomorrow
Consensus – We allowed Sue to write an article on OM for the Eugene Magazine
burn medication – burn ointment
diaper rash cream and powder
tubie grip
staple removal kit
paper tape
vitamin C
coban for horses is cheaper than for humans
toe nail clippers
lavender eo
tea tree eo

OM Meeting – 7/10/13

Attendees – Susan, Arline, Jason, Donna, Barb, Dr. Bruce, Debra, Dr.Leigh, Sue
Agenda -
Any Lab Now- hours M-F 9-6 Sat 9-2
We will staple our lab slips to Any Lab Now form – Need ALN account number – Susan will email Arline will be a liaison, deliver lab slips to lab. ALN will send monthly bill (net 30)
Write on a spiral notebook to record studies on bus. Arline or Sue will check off billed and completed orders. Interpreter may be needed to accompany. ALN doesn’t have any. ALN will keep orders in a file so we can track uncompleted orders.
Medical records – May of 2012, 964 patients 274 of those are returning patients, June 2012 – 19 new patients. June of 2013 – 133 patients.
Herb circle – Next herb meeting is at Sue’s house to transport herbs to the warehouse. Grab legal sized hanging folders when you put things in the warehouse.
Phoning vs RX pads – The new RX pads have arrived. We will use up the triplicate RX pads while developing Pharmacy Tech position to phone in RXs.
Medical marijuana – We do not sign medical marijuana cards. EVER. We do not prescribe triamadole which is a mild narcotic.
Interpreter team – Zoe has organized a call list for interpreters. We do have a Spanish version of HIPAA. Sue will reformat the list and print it.
Driver – Barb will drive in the morning and Susan will drive in the afternoon this sunday.
Next week docs – Willy, David
gmail manager – We need a volunteer to check the gmail account. This volunteer position would be key to communication with other team leaders.
Notes – Last few meeting notes approved.
Battery purchase – We approved the purchase of batteries for the bus that we had to purchase last week. This was a retroactive approval.

New, Temporary Location for OM

EEH2013Poster-lgThis Sunday, July 21, 2013, Occupy Medical will be setting up shop in a new place. Since there is a conflicting event downtown, the good people who run the Emerald Empire Hempfest offered to share their permit with us so we could still host our weekly free clinic.

You may find our bus parked this Sunday at the end of the Fir Lane parking lot, just off of River Rd. at Maurie Jacobs Park. Volunteers are advised to show up early to help us secure a spot.

OM and EEHF have different mission statements but we both agree that caring for our community is vital. OM can not prescribe medical marijuana or sign medical marijuana cards.

Remember that this festival is free to the public and is family friendly(drug and alcohol free). Come out and enjoy all 3 days of food, crafts. education and entertainment. Please be sure to thank the fine folks at EEHF for sharing their space with us.

Look for OM in our usual spot at the Eugene downtown Park Blocks at 8th and Oak next Sunday between 12-4pm.

Herb Bus

Herbalista Free ClinicI just received the good news from Mason at Mountain Rose Herbs that there is another mobile free clinic in Atlanta Georgia called the Herbalista Free Clinic.  The organizer is a talented herbalist named Lorna Mauney-Brodek who also runs her own herbal consulting practice.

They run a mobile clinic nicknamed the Herb Bus which is focused on herbal medicine and also hosts a weekly foot care clinic. They are pioneering natural medicine outreach by scheduling monthly visits to a variety of locations throughout the city.

The Herbalista Free Clinic hosts regular classes on health. They post information regularly on their blog, facebook page and website. It is easy to keep updated. They are also firm believers in spreading the good word about organized alternative medicine. Herb Bus has procedures and manuals available on line. These people are VERY impressive.

We welcome our brothers and sisters in healing to the mobile clinic community. We appreciate the inspiration.

Surprises for OM

Watching Over US at OM - photo courtesy Mike Elliot (used by permission)

Watching Over Us at OM – photo courtesy Mike Elliot (used by permission)

Back in May of this year, three college students from the University of Oregon’s Journalism School constructed a video about Occupy Medical in the Kickstarter format to meet the needs of their assignment. In June, they released the video onto the internet and gave us permission to do whatever we wanted with it.

Our aim was to post it on Kickstarter as a campaign to raise funds for lab fees for patients that cannot afford to pay for their own. We only asked for $2500 because we we told that another lab in town would be willing to match those funds.

We never got around to finishing this project. The volunteers at OM had too much on their plates trying to mange the patient load that has increased 5 times in the last 6 months. We were working just to keep our heads above water.

Then came the surprise.

Upworthy stumbled on our video and posted it. We did not know about this until another supporter in our area notified us of this new development. We were startled but pleased. How nice that the message that we work so hard to actualize be shared with a larger group of people. Since we are a small troop of  volunteers who are used to struggling for every donation dime, we visualized a few checks coming in for ten, maybe twenty dollars.

Then came another surprise.

We received a phone call from our ally, CALC, that a local artist named Dianne Story Cunningham had contacted them about donating to help with our lab fees. We were thrilled.

Then came the next big surprise.

Another local supporter and long time Occupy activist, Mary Broadhurst, found me at our Sunday clinic. It had been a long day. We had to open the clinic late because of mechanical problems with the bus. The day was stiflingly hot. We were short on volunteers and long on patients. I had just given out the last of our vitamin C. It was the kind of day that makes you bone-weary.

Mary walked up to me with a big grin on her face. She asked if I had heard about an upcoming donation. I nodded and smiled. She asked if I had heard about the amount yet. I shook my head. Mary steadied me for the next surprise. This donor  was covering the entire amount that we needed: $2500. I blinked. Mary said it again more slowly so my foggy brain could take in the news.

This was when the tears started. Just like like that, one of the problems that we had been struggling with was solved. I thought of all the faces of the patients that desperately needed lab tests so that they could get more complicated care. I thought of our volunteer doctors whose hands were tied because they could not proceed any farther in treatment until we could scrape together enough to pay for lab results. I thought of other volunteers scrambling behind the scenes to find a way to help these people in whatever way they could.

The problem was solved. One person stepped forward and through the efforts of college students with video cameras, community allies that understand how work together as a team, volunteers giving selflessly every Sunday, and few people with the energy to make a positive change in the lives of complete strangers, this problem was solved. It was overwhelming to me.

I have seen this generosity before at Occupy Medical. Our little clinic seems to bring out the best in people. It never fails to amaze me though. It never fails to make me smile. I can’t say thank you enough. I know that there are people out there who have helped our people anonymously that I can’t thank personally.

People have said that one person can’t make a difference. I know that that is not true. One person makes a difference every day. The great thing is that it is never just one person. We all make a difference – together.

Thank you. Thank you one and all.

OM meeting 7/3/13

OM meeting notes 7/3/13

Attendees: Bill, Dr. Bruce, Debra, Jason, Donna R., Jessica, Sue, Dr. Leigh
Agenda -
Lab – The lab testing that we pay for could get out of hand. We need to have an evaluating body for these lab requests. This body will meet every week at the Wednesday at the meeting.
Spanish – Zoe has volunteered to compile a list of Spanish speakers to call when we need interpretations.
White Bird Help book. – There is a new WB social help book. We consensed that we will buy 2 help books. Bill will purchase them.
Bus Driving – Bruce will drive when he is scheduled to volunteer, both directions, 2 times a month, and Bill will drive when he is scheduled on triage, after the shift is over. Discussed keys to where poles are stored on the bus. Need extra copies.
Thank you notes – Notes were passed out to go out.
Storage – We need storage. Helen offered her space for storage. We consensed that we are going to allow the herb team to store some herbs in the area and we are changing the locks.
Patient H – He has had his surgery and now needs letters to the judge to encourage him to keep patient H in the country.
SASS – Jessica from SASS (Options), Alley from Nightengale, Sue and Debra met at SASS to discuss helping our patients that are victims of sexual assault. We discussed having a SASS/OM liaison. This will facilitate more assistance for our patients in crisis.
Bus storage lock – The cargo hold is locked and we do not have the key to unlock.
Public Sharps containers – HIV Alliance supports our idea that the city should pay to install public, secured sharps containers.
Training – Bill proposed training for HIPAA, OM history, SASS, blood-borne pathogens for volunteers that provide patient services.
Doctor – Bruce/Leigh, Willy/David, Leigh/Bruce
Reiki – We had a offer of reiki service from volunteers.
Cottage Grove – Valeria from South Lane Mental Health would like to visit the meeting to talk about driving the bus to Cottage Grove to offer service on the Sunday that the Eugene Celebration is in town.
Medical records communication volunteer -
Consensus reformation – Bill reminded the group that we need to make a clear statement when making a proposal, waiting til all present (and a quorum of presently at least 5 standing members) are able to focus on the statement. We consensed that we will be raising our hands “at least as high as the ears” and making it clear to the note taker that a vote is being taken so it can properly be recorded in the notes.

OM meeting 6/26/13

OM Meeting 6/26/13
> Attendees: Dr. Bruce, Debra, Sue, Karen A., Donna R., Donna G., Arline, Jason
> Herb meeting is postdue
> Prescription pads have been ordered. They will hopefully arrive before next clinic.
> Labs – We received a donation of $2500 for the labs. The check will be written to CALC. They will take a 5% administrative fee before cutting us the check. Any Lab Tests Now would be a good place to start a lab account. Dr. Willy and Jerry have connected with them already. Arline would like to work with them to secure blood samples.
> HIPAA – Nelson has volunteered to translate our HIPAA forms into Spanish.
> Tamale fundraiser – Church of the Resurrection is offering its kitchen to cook the tamales. 2:30pm start time on Friday. Donna R. has been papering the town with flyers.
> White Bird Dental Clinic – They still have a grant to pay for dental service for the unhoused but have reduced the amount of service to $300 per patient. They need a voucher to verify “income” for the patients that request service. OM is allowed to write a note stating the amount of income (ie $0)
> Doctor schedule – Donna G., Jason, Karen and Donna R. would like to be apprised of the doctor’s schedule so they can make plans accordingly.
> Board members – Karen read the sample Board member job description that Sue sent to the list. We agreed that we need an interim board to make policy decisions until the job descriptions can be finalized.
> Rolling File Cabinet – We consensed that we can buy another locking, rolling file cabinet for records.
> Saturday Market – SM handles the Park Block permit for the tents and the electrical box. They are renewing our permit monthly now.
> Next Sunday is sandwich day with the wonderful folks at the Methodist Church.
> Vaccine clinic – We have another chance for a TDAP vaccine clinic with Lane County Public Health.
> HIPAA – Training for HIPAA. Bill is going to network with other organizations to help with training.
> SASS – Donna G. and Debra have volunteered to join Sue in a meeting with SASS to integrate our services for our clients.

OM Meeting notes – 6/19/13

Agenda 6/19/13
Attendees: Donna R., Karen A., Dr. Bruce, Benjamin, Jason, T., Sue
benefit – We passed around Thank you Cards for Cozmic and the bands. We also circulated one for Graham and Jeanne. The benefit is this Sunday after clinic. T. and Donna have been getting the word out. Donna and Karen have sold raffle tickets. So far, so good.
vaccine clinic – June 30 is the next and last Dtap clinic. Our association with Lane County Public health is stable and we will be having more vaccine clinics with them in the future.
VP nomination – Donna Grant has volunteered for the role.
Patient H update – This patient is in serious condition. He needs external support beyond the Sunday Clinic. He needs help with transportation and advocacy. We will be sending him letters to the court explaining his medical condition and suggesting that he be granted citizenship.
Paypal – sue and Wendy met to finalize the paypal account on our site.
bus driving – Dr. Bruce volunteered to help Donna G with the driving.
Next remodel project – Take the wall out between the last part of the bus and possibly a cupboard for storage. Jason has a name of a good, inexpensive electrician.
Head covering – Justine has suggested that wearing a hat or head scarf to clinic may provide extra protection from contagious, topicals that we encounter. Tea tree oil, catnip, cedar, citronella and lavender essential oil offer insecticide protection.
Next Sunday is sandwich day from the church group volunteers
phone trees – All team leaders should have the phone numbers of their team. All team leaders should have each others phone numbers as well.
rumor control – Please maintain professional standards with rumor control. Check with the person that you spoke to to make sure that you understood what they said correctly. Do not allow rumors to circulate unchecked. Clear communication is the key.
Volunteer orientation – Volunteers interested in helping with security will need to undergo training with Jason. They will need to be fully vetted through our crew just as our other volunteers are. There are additional security background checks and training due to the high risk of the potential situations these volunteers might encounter. Security is a “hands-off” position.
By-law committee – Ambrose, Karen A., T., Carla, and Sue have volunteered to serve on this committee
Wound care – Karen will be holding a wound care class for nursing station volunteers at the end of summer. Other OM members are also welcome to attend.